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Lose Weight with Hypnosis and Improve your Health

How to improve your health and lose weight with hypnosis

Usual things we do when we want to lose weight are going to professionals for advice: doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, etc… But I bet you never thought that you can actually lose weight with hypnosis.

The biggest misconceptions about hypnosis are when you think that if you go to a hypnotherapist he/she will control your mind and make you do funny things while you stay unconscious, “mind control or losing control of yourself”.

The truth is that you are not even unconscious when you experience hypnosis. It’s like a deep relaxation state, like when you go to sleep and you got that floaty feeling before drifting off to sleep. Or the dreamy sensation we feel when we wake up in the mornings (not yet aware where we are and what surrounds us).

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Why you should try to lose weight with hypnosis

While in a state of hypnosis you are more susceptible to change, and that’s the reason why you can actually lose weight with hypnosis and it can be effective.

It’s totally different from other methods because hypnosis actually addresses the cause and other contributing factors direct in the subconscious in the person's mind, where the memories, fears, food associations, negative self-talk and self-esteem germinate.

The hypnotherapist and author of “Maximize Your Super Powers” Capri Cruz said that “No other weight loss method addresses the core issues as the root-like hypnosis does”

What most people do when they are stressed?

I know from personal experience that when I am stressed, I eat the wrong kind of food and lose my motivation to exercise and choose comfort food, not all the time, but definitely some of the time. I know when my general health and wellbeing are good, I am motivated to exercise more and attracted to the right kinds of foods.

If you are stressed or unmotivated and really want to get back into your very best health and wellbeing then it’s time to consider Hypnotherapy.

If you really want to make healthy changes for your body and mind, then hypnosis can assist you in finding that inner wisdom that starts to build an inner calm. A new kind of resilience can help strengthen your motivation and determination into making the changes that really are right for you.

Can you actually lose weight with hypnosis?

There are a lot of people that researched this subject, from what they found suggest that the method could actually be very plausible. Studies from back in the 90s found that the people that tried to lose weight with hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who took diets without the therapy.

In the year 2014 one study with 60 obese women, found that those who practiced hypnotherapy lost weight and improved their eating habits and body state.

Also a study from 2017 with a couple of obese adults and few children in which they all successfully lost weight and avoided surgery due to the treatment benefits.

“The unfortunate factor is that hypnosis is not readily covered by medical insurance, so there isn’t the same push for hypnosis studies as there is for pharmaceutical ones,” Dr. Cruz says.

With the increase of prescription drugs and a long list of possible side effects, with the push for more and more natural alternatives, Dr.Cruz is hopeful that hypnosis will soon receive more attention and research for a plausible weight loss approach.

A 10 percent Weight loss (where needed) can:
  • Improve hearth health. Raising your HDL – the” good” cholesterol can be difficult but is extremely important to your heart health
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Lowers cancer risk
  • Better sleep
  • Improves mobility
  • Lowers risk of diabetes
  • Your lifestyle will influence others
  • Reduces pain
You think it’s time to improve your health and try to lose weight with hypnosis?
Rhondda Stewart
Rhondda has a long and distinguished career spanning decades, including winning the Educator of the Year Award 2004 from the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (USA). To find out more about Rhondda and her achievements, please click bellow.
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