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Bonnie The Therapy Dog

Bonnie is my 4-year-old Cavoodle and she is a trained Therapy Dog with a calm demeanor and gentle and friendly disposition.
I work with clients from children through teens and adults addressing concerns with stress and a broad range of emotional, medical and physical issues.
Bonnie has been supporting my work with clients young and old for almost 3 years. Many of my clients have reported that her presence helps them relax and feel less stressful on arrival and during their sessions. The benefit of this relaxation can assist the clients progress moving into change.
The use of dogs for therapeutic reasons has been demonstrated by many people over the last few centuries, including Florence Nightingale, Sigmund Freud and Elaine Smith.

Hospitals, Doctors, Chiropractors and other therapists are increasingly acknowledging the value of therapy dogs and incorporating them in referral programs.
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